City of Worcester Local Plan

The area covered by the site and additional land to the east has previously been considered for development as part of the City of Worcester Local Plan in 2004. The site was not included in the local plan because the proposed access from the A44/A4440 roundabout was considered unacceptable by the Inspector. However, the Inspector did conclude that Middle Battenhall Farm is a sustainable location that can link to nearby residential areas and would fill an indent in the City boundary.

South Worcestershire
Development Plan

Worcester City Council began work
to prepare a plan to replace the City of Worcester Local Plan in 2007. The City Council decided to work with Wychavon and Malvern Hills Councils on the production of a joint strategy now called the South Worcestershire Development Plan (SWDP). The SWDP covers a range of issues, including housing and identifies sites both within and beyond the City’s boundary for new residential development. The majority of the housing requirement for the SWDP is generated by Worcester City Council, therefore it is important that optimum use is made of suitable sites within the City boundary.

Malvern Hills District Council have raised concerns over sites such as Middle Battenhall Farm not being included in the plan, whilst sites such
as Newlands have been allocated.

Housing Numbers

The SWDP is based on a requirement of 966 new homes being built each year to 2030 (which equates to 18,354 homes).

Miller Homes believe that this is not sufficient for the growing population
of South Worcestershire.

This view is reinforced by an independent panel who considered the West Midlands Regional Strategy in 2009, which concluded 1,275 new homes would be required a year (24,225 homes). Miller Homes has commissioned a study which highlights 32,000 new homes are required in South Worcestershire to 2030 (1,690 each year).

The South Worcestershire
Development Plan